How it Works

Our number one goal is simple: we want your resume to work. It has to get into the hands of the people who are doing the hiring, and it has to impress. In order to get you in for an interview we have to first turn your resume into a key to unlock the Applicant Tracking System door, then make sure that it stands out and shines for the recruiters.


Our Innovative Resume Technology Unlocks the Door for You

Today’s employers receive thousands of applications to their job openings, so they use software to help them filter out resumes that don’t fit their needs.These Applicant Tracking Software systems are programmed to search for keywords and elements and to reject those that don’t have them. They also filter out those that have the very things that make an applicant stand out from the crowd. Which resumes make it through? The ones that have no color, no design elements, no life. This is a resume that a typical Applicant Tracking Systems thinks is perfect …

Our Innovative Resume Technology Unlocks the Door for You

The challenge is to make your resume Applicant Tracking System compatible: to find a way to get an attractive, professional-looking resume through the system. And we’ve found it. We’ve developed our own proprietary technology and patented a process that turns two resumes — one for the applicant tracking system and one for the humans you want to impress — into one. How do we do that? First we address the needs of the Applicant Tracking System. We strip out all of the things that it doesn’t like and replace it with the acceptable fonts, formatting, tags, and headers that the system is programmed to allow through.

After applicant tracking system friendly version is complete, we layer it behind a version with the same content that is attractive to hiring managers. The computer can’t see the design elements and the humans can’t see the stripped-down version that gets you through the filters. We’ve created two versions in one.

Our Applicant Tracking System Friendly resume technology has been thoroughly tested. When we sent resumes that have gone through our process through the over 50 Applicant Tracking System that are used by 95% of companies, all of them made it through and got into the hands of the hiring managers.

We Don’t Just Format Your Resume


We Optimize It

The Applicant Tracking Systems don’t just screen out for design elements and fonts – they help hiring managers by searching for the resumes that use certain terms and keywords that match a job’s requirements. We make sure that those keywords are front and center, embedded into your Applicant Tracking System Friendly resume so that it is optimized for the resume search and delivered directly into the hands of the recruiters.

One chance to make a first impression

With thousands of resumes pouring in, it’s no wonder that a study conducted by TheLadders showed that, even with the Applicant Tracking System, the average time a recruiter spends looking at a resume is just 6 seconds. That means that six seconds is all the time you have to grab their attention and make an impact. That’s why it’s so important that your resume looks great, stands out, and shows why you’re an applicant worth interviewing. We help you do that by adding design elements with personality and professionalism. We include photos, color, carefully-crafted formatting and more.


The end result is a resume that is remarkable, especially when compared to the bland versions that today’s job seekers have to settle for to get past the computer filtering systems. Imagine how memorable and eye-catching your visually beautiful resume will be when compared to the others that have been stripped down to get past the applicant tracking system. We make that happen.